Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Whoops, Tau Riptide...

As is to be expected with this hobby my focus was drawn from the Dreamforge Leviathan I've been working on to a Tau Riptide. After watching the Buypainted youtube tutorial for Riptide painting I just couldn't resist. I've had some Tau models semi-assembled (semi-painted in some cases) sitting on a shelf for some time now so I decided to get back on task and get an army's worth of models at least built and mounted on bases. I purchased the Riptide little over a week ago so I'm really happy with how fast it's been going together. I plan on getting this thing 90% done by the weekend so I can turn my attention to some of the new 40k Tempestus Scions.

Mr. Riptide is just held together with brass rod right now since I wanted to paint all his large components individually, but the details are almost wrapped up enough that I can glue everything together and get him attached to his base. I'm looking forward to fielding him with about 4 Firewarrior Squads and a pair of Hammerheads.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Junk Mortalis Video Battle Report

An awesome, and low budget, Zone Mortalis game using an open concept layout:

The game was a ton of fun despite the scenery. I really need to put base coats on some of my "terrain."

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dreamforge Leviathan painting - part 2

Its been a few weeks and I haven't made all that much progress, but this thing is a real big model. Now my goal is to stay focused and see this through before I get distracted by new Astra Militarum kits (I will have a Miltarum Tempestus army asap).

I've painted some of the details using what i guess is a non-metallic technique, wanted some parts to appear shiny and maintained by not have to simply paint them a metallic color. Its coming along pretty well but it's not until the weathering that this model is gonna really come together.

I'm hoping to have the joint details done this week so I can start highlighting edges on the armor plates before the weekend. I've also got the base for this guy in the works so that may make its way into the next round of updates.

More to come...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dreamforge Leviathan painting - part 1

I got in on the kickstarter a while back and have had this sucker sitting around unpainted for ages. With the release of GW's Escalation I've been lucky enough to put my Leviathan on the table as a Warhound Titan, and now I've got the Apocalypse bug to boot so I figured its time to get some paint on him.

I know Forge World purists will argue the reasons why this model isn't acceptable as a Warhound. My gaming group, however is open minded and would rather have me use the model than not, so he's been drafted into the ranks of the Grey Knights. Their access to superior technology is reason for his slightly smaller stature...same punch, smaller size.

Here are a few shots of the base colors I've got him. The base Grey is Vallejo Blue-Grey, that's been shaded with a concoction GW Abandon black P3 Sanguine Base an GW incubi darkness. The highlight color is GW Rakarth Flesh mixed with a little Vallejo Blue-Grey. The green shoulder pad is going to match up with the way I've painted my Strike Squads, and I'll add some personal heraldry on both shoulders and a knee at the very minimum. The green basecoat was done with Vallejo Gunship Green, shaded with GW Incubi Darkness, and highlighted with a Vallejo green, whose name I can't recall, that's a pretty close match for the old GW Scorpion Green. I'll be working on this model a lot over the next few weeks trying to get him done before I inevitably lose steam.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Grey Knight Strike Squads WIP (almost done!)

I've been using these two squads of Strike marines in nearly every game of 40k I've played since the 5th edition GK codex was released and they became my primary army. That was almost 4 years ago and I've made such a pitiful amount of progress on this army in that time. Part of the delay is that I made a decision early on to try to paint every model to the highest standard I was capable of, but that's not the reason I still have incomplete paint jobs on loads of my core units. The real reason is gamer ADD and flat out laziness.

Over the last six or so months I've really been trying to wrap projects up an I'm happy to say the end of the journey is near for these guys. I noticed a few incomplete details while taking these quick and dirty pics but I think I'll have these guys done with one more painting night. Once the last few details are tied up I'll take some better pics.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ten reasons why I'm loving Malifaux: Reasons one through six

  The past few months I've been painting and collecting models from Infinity and my new love..Malifaux. I decided to post ten reasons why Malifaux is awesome, hopefully to win over people who are on the fence with the game and also to get in the habit of blogging again. Here are six of them, in no particular order. ..

The fluff

   Malifaux is a game that combines the Old West and Victorian Horror and then throws in kung fu and steam punk robots. Even if one or  more of those concepts turn you off it is easy to focus on the aspects that you like. This weird mix works really well. Trust me.

The miniatures

 For me, it started with the miniatures.  I've been picking up models for this game here and there for a few years now,  with little expectation of ever playing the game.  I saw Seamus's new box set in October and I knew I had to play.
 The new plastics are gorgeous. gorgeous as one would expect zombie hookers to be.  And the old minis still look good next to the new plastics.  They are fiddly to put together but no more than Infinity. I'll post some pics of my crew when I can.

It's cheap to start

 Like Infinity,  the buy in for Malifaux is super cheap.  A starter box is around 40-50 (with out a discount) and the mini rulebook is 15 dollars and has all the rules you need.  The crews in the boxes work really well and you can play small games right away with them. The boxes have the cards to play with the crews inside and you can buy the other cards to minis in your faction in arsenal decks put out by Wyrd.

Table via a very talented gentleman from the Dorkamorka group in Waltham. 

The cards

  Although the cards are just another random number generator like dice, having a hand of cards gives you a chance to change your luck. If your luck tends to be shit like mine this can be huge. Malifaux lets you cheat your cards, by replacing a drawn card with one in your hand, and influence the game.

It's not all about killing

I find games where the focus is to wipe your opponents models off the board boring and a little demoralizing after a while. You have a lot of objectives in Malifaux in the form of schemes and strategies. While some are based on killing your opponents guys (or keeping yours alive) many others involve planting things called scheme markers or delivering a message to the rival crew boss.

Every model counts

  While Infinity is worlds away from 40k's minis equal hit points mentality, there are loads of times I've had to hide guys behind things to prevent them from getting their dicks shot off. A lone Moderator can take down the toughest T.A.G., but they can't really take objectives without upgrading them to a paramedic. 

     Not so in Malifaux. You don't rely completely on  your head honcho ( called a Master ) or his lieutenants and toughs (Henchmen or Enforcers) to carry the game for you. The cheapo dog or Guild guard has a chance to complete a scheme or strategy. Even models that can't plant markers, the ones nominated in the rules as "insignificant", make a difference by buffing your units, debuffing your enemies and just doing plain old damage.  Just ask Seamus' s  little buddy, the Copy cat killer, what he can do.

Seamus and the gang about to get stomped by Viktorias. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mysterious Lakes for 40k

During our Escalation/Stronghold Assault mega game a few weeks back I had the opportunity to play on some of Gale Force 9's Battlefield in a Box Ponds, and realized I had nothing in my own terrain collection that would allow me to bring mysterious water effects from 40k into my games. Well following that game off I ran to my friendly local game store and picked my own mysterious ponds (along with the Apocalypse rulebook).

Out of the box they're pretty nice but the tinkerer in me wanted them to have a little more depth and a reflective surface. I decided to hit the water portions of the terrain piece with some black shading to make them look nice and deep and some turquoise highlights to break up the surface a little. Once I was done I put down about five or six coats of Future floor polish with the air brush and finished with a little bit of Future mixed with some old GW blue ink. I waited a day for them to dry then gave them a hearty helping of my usual mix of Woodland Scenics turf.

I'm pretty pleased with the final result and though the blue ink sort of conceals the highlights on the water it also give the ponds a really clear deep look. I suppose next I'll need to work on my Warhammer Fantasy rural walls since they're a nice achievable goal and they'll help to round out my shrine world terrain set.