Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Flesh and the power it holds....

   Greetings, If you have been reading the blog here and there you have most likely realized im a new contributor. To share a little about my gaming background, I am primarily a 40k player that dabbles in Fantasy, Infinity, and role playing games. I started regularly playing 40k in the beginning of fifth edition and have been gaming, modeling, and painting ever since. I play Astra Militarum with various imperial allies and Warriors of Chaos for Fantasy.

   Im a little burnt out of 40k after attending the Nova Open so I've decided to turn my attention to my recently purchased WoC. Let just start off by saying that besides some of the really dated models i absolutely love the entire range less the slaughter brute/Vortex Beast. Daaaat arm.... Its like its raising its hand in class or something. Lucky for me their are tons of awesome third party monsters out there.
Death-The Sound of Perseverance(1998)
    My design philosophy for this army is quite unique. While sitting at my hobby desk i started to enter the realm of chaos known as youtube, Eventually i found my self listening to the band Death and their album The Sound of Perseverance. This album is just down right evil and i wanted to make my army loosely based on the colors in the album art and ooze of the macabre themes in this album. Give it a listen if your painting one night, the vocals are an acquired taste but i love them.
   I began by priming white to keep the reds bright. I then airbrushed the two shades of red on the warriors.
I saw red...

Khorne red has been applied

Top spray of Mephiston
 After that i began painting a test Warrior and you can see below how he came out. I am very happy with this scheme but i think i will do the boots darker on the rest of the models. I can always go back and dry brush some gray highlights on their black capes at a later time. Right now i am focused on getting the whole unit to the guy below level. With the next End Times book rumored to be Chaos oriented im trying to get these guys done so at least i can field one painted unit in my army when the book drops. Im going to move onto the Chaos Hounds i have next. They seems really easy to paint and i will write up a simple walk through on how i do those. As you've noticed by now im no award winning painter but i do try to get my models to a decent tabletop standard. My main colors right off the album art for my army will be, khorne red, mephiston red, abaddon black, and ceremite white. Im looking forwards to seeing how the army turns out!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Teddy bear picnic

This is the new limited edition Teddy. I'm calling her Henrietta. 

The other two Teddies flank Henrietta.  They are all still works in progress.  I can't imagine needing all 3 in most games but it would be hilarious to try them out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

High Elves test scheme

Trying out a scheme for my high elves. I'm going for a lacquered black samurai-esque look.

Also, this is what happens when I haven't painted in a little while.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Oops, I fantasied.

The NOVA Open has come and gone once more,  and now I need a change of pace... oh, maybe I'll finish that massive high elf army I've been diddling around with for the past year.

I hear dragons are good,  and my cat seems to like those spearmen. More to come...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Whoops, Tau Riptide...

As is to be expected with this hobby my focus was drawn from the Dreamforge Leviathan I've been working on to a Tau Riptide. After watching the Buypainted youtube tutorial for Riptide painting I just couldn't resist. I've had some Tau models semi-assembled (semi-painted in some cases) sitting on a shelf for some time now so I decided to get back on task and get an army's worth of models at least built and mounted on bases. I purchased the Riptide little over a week ago so I'm really happy with how fast it's been going together. I plan on getting this thing 90% done by the weekend so I can turn my attention to some of the new 40k Tempestus Scions.

Mr. Riptide is just held together with brass rod right now since I wanted to paint all his large components individually, but the details are almost wrapped up enough that I can glue everything together and get him attached to his base. I'm looking forward to fielding him with about 4 Firewarrior Squads and a pair of Hammerheads.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Junk Mortalis Video Battle Report

An awesome, and low budget, Zone Mortalis game using an open concept layout:

The game was a ton of fun despite the scenery. I really need to put base coats on some of my "terrain."

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dreamforge Leviathan painting - part 2

Its been a few weeks and I haven't made all that much progress, but this thing is a real big model. Now my goal is to stay focused and see this through before I get distracted by new Astra Militarum kits (I will have a Miltarum Tempestus army asap).

I've painted some of the details using what i guess is a non-metallic technique, wanted some parts to appear shiny and maintained by not have to simply paint them a metallic color. Its coming along pretty well but it's not until the weathering that this model is gonna really come together.

I'm hoping to have the joint details done this week so I can start highlighting edges on the armor plates before the weekend. I've also got the base for this guy in the works so that may make its way into the next round of updates.

More to come...