Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Iron Hands - Painting update 4 - Tactical Marines completed

After a little bit of a painting break during the holiday season I hit the ground running this new year and I'm happy to say I've finally got my first set of tactical marines painted. I bought them when the new Space Marine codex was initially released about a year and a half ago now. I'm happy to ring in the new year having finally completed painting my first 15 Iron Hands, and while I'm quite a slow painter, I'm really trying to reign myself in and not go too crazy so I can actually see this army fully assembled and painted on the tabletop.

Here are the final six Marines, they're mostly un-helmeted since I was saving the more detailed face painting for the last step but I'm really happy with how they've turned out.

I'm going to switch gears and work on something other than Tactical Marines for a while, potentially bikes since they're an important part of my army. In the meantime I'm also adding final details to a Contemptor Dreadnought and starting to paint his base. If all goes well I'll have it completed and on the base by the end of the weekend so hopefully I'll another post ASAP.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Grotesques Part 2

More work on the wraithguard grotesques. 

I decided to try to make it look like the surface of the their skin was cracked around the corrupted, tumorous areas with some P3 Moldy Ochre -- an awesome yellow-green color. The cracking looked pretty good, but was pronounced, especially next to the white I used to line the tumors. I used a little green GW green glaze to deaden the white and blend the cracking a bit better, but I also wanted to make the glow effect a bit more diffuse, so I hit the tumors with some of the GW green shade. After that was done I wasn't crazy about how much I'd muted the glow, so I went crazy wet-blending some old-school GW Snot Green. This finally brought everything together.

I thought I'd bang these guys out quickly, but the more I work on them, the more I want to work on them. They're turning into a labor of love, so expect more updates.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Corrupted Wraithguard Grotesques

These grotesques are corrupted monstrosities made from the husks of wraithguard, their trapped spirits twisted and maddened by the dark artifice of the Flesh Dancers, the vile coven of haemonculi that insinuated itself into the Doom Wraiths corsairs, and the good graces of Prince Atarax. Whispers have begun to ripple through the fleet,  carrying tales of the master haemonculus, Argus Faine, manipulating the corsairs and leading them toward a path of inescapable darkness.  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Fallen


I've gone completely off the deep end. I'm going to build an all foot Fallen Dark Angels themed army, and it's going to be awesome. 

This was going to just be a fun little attachment to use for Zone Mortalis, until I started looking at all the different Chapter Tactics varieties, and realized this might be a great way to play marines in a totally new way. It'll also be a way to get more bad guys on the table. Our group is largely imperial/eldar focused, so hopefully this will add a little spice to our campaign and apocalypse games. 

Tactical marine test scheme

Color Scheme

Black can be hard or easy depending on what you're trying to achieve. The armor is really just a backdrop for marines; they have so many symbols, decorations, and bits of wargear that really draw they eye, so the armor doesn't need to be too distracting, at least not for a tabletop quality army. For these guys I simply primed black and zenithally airbrushed Citadel Incubus Darkness, with a highlight of Celestra Gray. 

I blew through Cypher in a single evening, and generally got the effect I was looking for, but might go back and clean up his robes with some wet-blending. I was going for pure white that is weathered and filthy, and used washes and white highlights, but it looks a bit sloppy. Good enough to get him on the table though.

Army List

The list I'm contemplating now will use the Cypher dataslate, and Codex Space Marines with the Forgeworld Raptors Chapter Tactics.

I chose to not use the Chaos Marines book for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it sucks. Hard. More importantly though, I think the Fallen Dark Angels often seem more renegade than corrupted by chaos, and the regular book seems a better way to achieve this.

The Raptors Chapter Tactics is a lot like their parent chapter, the Raven Guard's. Everything can scout, and gets stealth on turn one. In addition, Raptors bolters and bolt pistols are rending if they are stationary that turn. This is a lot more useful than using jump packs in the movement and assault phases, since I'm not planning on taking assault marines. And also because it is totally freakin' awesome. 

In addition I'm going to try out Lias Issodon, the Raptors chapter master, as some sort of Fallen warlord. He has a number of special rules that make him seem very appropriate for the role of a sneaky renegade space marine dickhole. Like Cypher, he has shrouded. He also has BS 6 and a 30" range salvo 2/4 bolter that uses the sternguard special ammo. He gets to re-roll reserves, and gives the opponent -1 to their rolls. He also has a special rule that does 1D6+3 AP - hits (or 1D3 haywire hits) to a unit or vehicle before the game begins. Seriously? What a dickhole. He's not particularly killy in close combat (power sword, WS 5, 4 wounds, 3 attacks, 2+/4++ save), but he is really more of a support character. 

So here's the 1850 list I'm considering:


Lias Issodon


10x sternguard (no combis)


10x space marines (combi-plas, plasma gun, heavy bolter)
10x space marines (combi-melta, meltagun, multimelta)
10x space marines (combi-melta, meltagun, multimelta)
10x space marines (combi-flamer, flamer, las cannon)
10x space marines (combi-flamer, flamer, las cannon)


5x devastator (4x missile launcher)
5x devastator (4x missile launcher)
5x devastator (4x missile launcher)

Everything scouts, and whoever Cypher joins can can infiltrate. This will typically be the sternguard. Issodon could join one of the tac squads, to give shrouded, or he could go with Cypher and make the sternguard even more killy. Tac squads can outflank to try to deal with particular threats (melta for vehicles, flamers for infantry), or post up and make a fifty man rending bolter fortress in the center of the board.

Lots of bodies, but it could definitely suffer from a lack of maneuverability. Really it's meant to be a fun army, and I can always supplement the list with some transports down the road. 

So the real question: do I go all in and buy $500 dollars worth of Forgeworld marines, and super awesome old school special and heavy weapons, or do I do this super cheap and fast with pretty-damn-good-for-what-you-pay Dark Vengeance marines... 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scratch Built Orbital Cannon for Apocalypse

Our local gaming group has been playing a lot of apocalypse lately, and in preparation for our upcoming 12,000 point game, the biggest we've tried yet, I decided to build a special terrain piece.

It's obviously inspired by the fortress in the Apocalypse supplement book, and I really hustled to get this built in about 2 weeks. While it lacks loads of detail that the Apoc fortress has, I'm happy to have built something on this scale to completion.

Here are a few WIP shots with some models for scale. I'll be getting paint on this eventually but for the meantime I need a terrain break, time focus on the Iron Hands.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Iron Hands progress update - 3, painting bases

This is just a quick update to prove I'm still making progress.

I've had some Dragonforge bases that I've been sitting on for a while so I decided to get them set up for the new Iron Hands. After blue-tacking them to an old box and some airbrushing followed by a little hand painting they're ready to go. I used GW Steel Legion Drab for the base color with a careful wash if GW Agrax Earthshade in the recesses. I finished with a light drybrush of GW Underhive Ash followed by GW Terminatus Stone. I'm pretty pleased with the results and, when I receive my next order of bases from Dragnforge the paint scheme will be easy to duplicate.

Just a note on the citadel dry paints, I scoffed at them after their initial release but now that I've used them a few times I think they're a solid addition to the Citadel range. My only gripe is that some of the lighter colors would be useful as layer paints as well, though it's just as easy to find some equivalents from other paint ranges.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Poison Tree

(TL;DR? Scroll down and check out the awesome pics.)

I was angry with my friend:
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I watered it in fears,
Night and morning with my tears;
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night,
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine.
And he knew that it was mine,

And into my garden stole
When the night had veiled the pole;
In the morning glad I see
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

-William Blake

Dark. Mother. Fucking. Eldar.

When the book first came out I was pissed. No, I was furious. I was Rudy Ray Moore hatin' on angel dust furious. I was Keith David when Rowdy Roddy Piper tries to make him wear the glasses furious. I was this guy furious:
I may have overreacted.

To be clear. I loved wyches. I loved Vect, and I was really looking to some cool new wargear and shenanigans. When I first read through the Dark Eldar codex and realized that Vect -- the Avenging Disco Godfather of Cammorragh -- and his lovely wych ho's were all screwed or gone I could not believe it. That on top of a pile of mostly shitty wargear, half of which does nothing to models that have And They Shall Know No Fear, was more than I could take.

But I took a few breaths, went through the five stages of grief, drank myself into a stupor, and then started making lists. 

This is the one I decided to play my first games with.

    • Archon (blaster, Helm of Spite, haywire grenades, shadow field, webway portal)
    • (9x) Trueborn (four blasters, two splinter cannons, three splinter rifles)
      • Raider (nightshields, dark lance, grisly trophies)
    • (5x) Trueborn (four blasters, 1 splinter cannon)
      • Venom (extra splinter cannon)
    • (5x) Trueborn (four blasters, 1 splinter cannon)
      • Venom (extra splinter cannon)
    • (5x) Warriors (four splinter rifles, blaster)
      • Venom (extra splinter cannon)
    • (5x) Warriors (four splinter rifles, blaster)
      • Venom (extra splinter cannon)
    • (5x) Warriors (four splinter rifles, blaster)
      • Venom (extra splinter cannon)
    • (5x) Warriors (four splinter rifles, blaster)
      • Venom (extra splinter cannon)
    • (6x) Reaver Jetbikes (two heat lances, two cluster caltrops, arena champion w/agonizer)
    • (5x) Scourges (four haywire blasters, splinter carbine)
    • (5x) Scourges (four haywire blasters, splinter carbine)
    • (5x) Scourges (four haywire blasters, splinter carbine)
I played against Ed, who was piloting Vin's (of Attic Wars fame) Blood Angels. Ed's been out of the 40k game for a little while, but as a Dark Elder player himself, wanted to see how they performed. They did well.

In a nutshell: deepstriking trueborn are awesome, reavers are awesomer, scourges are awesomest. It was a bit of a landslide, but we both wanted to see what the dark kin were capable of, so Ed took it like a champ, and we still managed to have a fun game. 

I'm not sure exactly what Ed's list consisted of, but one of us will add it when we get a chance.

I played a second game against Jason's Eldar that was very similar, but we didn't take any pictures. He was running two wraithknights, a couple wave serpents, at least one fire prism, some wraithguard... and the Dark Eldar managed to take their lunch money too. A big part of that one was Jason's lack of familiarity to the new book. Also Scourges. Scourges with haywire blasters give exactly zero shits about the serpent shield's ability to block penetrating hits. They killed one wave serpent and did some hull points on turn 1 (for first blood). Things continued along those lines for the rest of the game. I'll try to get his list up here as well. 

Also, thanks to Mark for taking the photos.