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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bikes and Plasma and HQ's, oh my!

I know, I've got a thesis to finish editing, but dammit my army need some attention!

I've been working on my bikes and HQs lately.  My army tends to lean toward mech/gun line, with sternguard elites, but I've been experimenting with a plasma command squad just to mix things up a bit.  I also have been using more and more bikes and land speeders, and I think shortly my gun line will transform entirely into Ravenwing.  Well, at least I'll have options.

Recent additions.
I had to build up my bike squad a bit--I was running the six that come with the Ravenwing box set, but using the standard Space Marines codex, so I was loosing out on the whole combat squad option.  That should not be a problem now.

Enough bikes to flesh out my fast attack slots.
I also can't shake my love of sternguards.  I've painted three out of the five Deathwatch styled models so far, with the parts for another five as soon as I have time.  To that end, I built a "counts as" Pedro Kantor, who will be painted in the panoply of a Deathwatch commander to continue that theme.

I will post photos of all of my full kill-team when they are completed.

"Counts As" Pedro Kantor HQ.
I'm not really sure how I feel about this command squad yet.  They could fit into the right kind of gun line, but right now I'm really more into the whole bike scene.  I'm thinking of creating a Kor'sarro Khan lead bike-mounted command squad, and not wasting the Captain's close combat potential by pairing him with a shooty squad (or leaving him to run around unprotected without any close combat support...).  I may be ripping off my gaming buddy Pierre, but I would like to try storm shields and power weapons all around, with meltaguns for anti-mech.  Combined with Kor'sarro Khan's Furious Charge, and Hit and Run special rules, I think that would make for a lethally effective unit.

Command Squad

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