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Monday, July 4, 2011

Deathwing for the NOVA Open

Its been a while.

Thanks to a fire that completely destroyed our apartment, my girlfriend and I have relocated from San Francisco to Boston. We are in the process of rebuilding, and for me, that means getting my Dark Angels back on the table. A number of my miniatures were damaged in the fire, and although most can be touched up, or repaired, I've decided to expand upon the portion of the army that my Battlefoam bag (which must have a 2+ invulnerable save) kept in pristine condition.


Interrogator-Chaplain, large and in charge 
with Forge World-based crozius, Warhammer 
Fantasy chaos knight head, and combi-melta.

...waiting patiently for a painted standard.

Since I'm competing in the NOVA Open in August, I wanted to have a good looking army that is easily transported, and can be in good shape within a few months. The obvious answer was to expand upon my existing doublewing army. As it turns out, Dark Angels bikes are very expensive, and not that good. I slowly eliminated them. Now I'm running six squads of thunder hammer/storm shield terminators with cyclone missile launchers, Belial, and Interrogator-Chaplain, and three speeders. I am that guy. I walk my terminators on, and they shoot missiles as they stomp toward they enemy. The army is durable, and can provide a lot of *SMASH*, but it takes a surprisingly gentle touch to get it to perform well against competitive lists. Foot terminators are not particularly mobile, so I have to be careful with deployment, target priority, and movement, or the precariously constructed invulnerable-save-house-of-cards comes crashing down around my ears. 

I've been airbrushing like crazy lately, using zenithal highlighting techniques to get the terminators in base colors, and ready for detail. I am using a mix of wet blending, and hard edge highlighting in what was supposed to result in an expedited "tabletop" level of detail. I was hoping this would speed the process along, but yesterday I apparently spent a whole day working on one terminator (not even an HQ). I seem to have screwed up the whole "faster and easier" thing...

Anyway, prepare yourselves, more photos are incoming. If I can remember I may also create a step-by-step for the detail work, and for the display board I'll (hopefully) be constructing. When it rains it pours, baby--I just looked at the sky and it looks cloudy, with a chance of terminators!


By the way, you may have noticed some other people posting on The Lazarus Effect recently. Weird images of dirty xenos, imperial meat-bags, and grayish demon-nut-kicker guys have begun appearing, burning their awesomeness onto the collective retina of the internets. I'd like to thank my brothers for joining in, and picking up the slack while my army convalesced. If not for their efforts this now-very-aptly-named blog might have fallen into indefinite obsolescence.


  1. Nice to see you back. Is the chaplain using the skull I gave you?

  2. That's the one. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, and even more so with how he performs on the table.

  3. I see, I'm still unimpressed with chappys overall but haven't run one like you have so will take your word for it.

    Interested in your take on the speeders, what type are you running? Andrew is running a very similar list, but went the other way with it. Started with speeders but found they are too fragile in an otherwise all infantry army and now uses bikes instead. You should reach out and compare notes. Don't think I'm going to make NOVA this year, but may be up in Boston sometime soon so maybe we can get a game in when I come through.