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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tau Lists

As a result of the comments on my mathhammer post here are some examples of the Tau lists I've used.

My current Tau list (that all of the mathhammer is based on) is here.

And here is one of the old army lists I was fooling around with, and yes those are vespids, no they never worked well.  I made some nice counts-as jump pack firewarriors that I wanted to use.

Jump pack firewarriors (my counts-as vespids)
Finally, a reconstructed list I experimented with, trying to get all of the Crisis suits possible in a non-Farsight list.  I think I started using the Deathrain because I was trying to get all of the suits shooting at BS4 and applying the principal of bodies over upgrades.  Now I think that having drones in the squads helps them last longer and is worth doing.


  1. Your newest is very similar to mine. I usually play at 1850 or less so 2000 is a bit unoptimized , but main differences...

    Troops - I run only one firewarrior squad at min size and two kroot squads with additional 7 hounds each
    Fast - Two pirhanas (but with disruptionpods and targetting arrays also) and only pathfinder squad (full 8 and SMS on the devilfish).
    Heavy - Same base set up but with target locks and SMS on the HHs and ASS on the broadsides and SMS not plasma.
    Elites - same as you but only squad has gun drones.

    I like SMS on the Devilfish so I can hide behind LOS cover and shoot. HHs in the corners unless I'm afraid of some outflankers. The HHs take corner shots on side armor and fire SMS up the field. Prefer ASS on the broadsides so if the army refuse flanks me or like Eldar can just reverse field that I can readjust and still shoot. Have always thought the 2linked plasma might be nice, but never had the points...

  2. My list is optimized based on the models I have, we'll see what happens when we get a new codex.

    I use the targeting array on the broadsides because I really want them to hit, I always found the movement from the ASS just isn't enough to matter. The plasma is because broadsides fire rapid-fire as if they're not moving, so that gives them a weapon to fire if they move, or against fast troops that try to jump them.

    I'm usually using the vehicles for blocking anyway, so I never thought the points were worth it. Besides the burst cannon + gun drones give more shots, and those forgettable gun drones have contested many objectives for me.

    2 Piranhas would be nice, but I'm starting to think having 2 small squads of pathfinders is key, so they can help 2 Crisis suit squads per turn.

    It seems like most players are using a variant of the same list, Nockergeek posted a similar one a couple months ago (