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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Battle Report: Deathwing vs. Orks

Orks. The army that the internets consistently refers to as non-competitive, but which consistently remains competitive. My Deathwing got their first crack at orks at the fantastic 40k BBQ we had on Saturday. It went about as I expected: my army is not optimized for winning against orks. They can kill them in droves, but its hard to pull out a win.

My army. The usual at 2000 points: Belial, Interrogator-Chaplain, upgraded command squad (apothecary, +1 attack banner, cyclone missile launcher, thunderhammer/stormshield on everyone), five more termie squads (cyclone missile launcher, thunderhammer/stormshield on everyone), two melta/typhoon speeders, and one melta/assault cannon speeder.

His army. Mechboy with KFF, Snikrot with commandos, Warboss, 20 lootas, cannons, deff dred, six cans, two big shoota boy squads (30 each I think), storm boyz (20 I think), and a battlewagon filled with 'ard boys (20ish). I may not have his list exactly right, but this is pretty close. No matter what he had a freakin' lot of stuff on the table; about four times as many units as I did.

Mission and Deployment. Seize ground and spearhead. One objective in the corner of his deployment area, and one near the middle. He takes first turn.

Turn 1. Orks run forward toward the center of the board. He has them spaced out around mechboy with boyz as wings, kans and dread in the front, and storm boyz looping around to my left flank. His shooting kills one or two terminators, but thanks to luck rolling no more. I move back a little bit to get out of loota range, and form a sort of denied flank, with four squads bunched up toward the center of my board edge,  one spread out in a skirmish line to the right, and the command squad behind that. I then shook krak missiles at the kans forgetting that they all get the KFF cover save taking one of the template weapons.

Turn 2. More orky shooting, still not that effective. Everybody moves up, getting into position, and I think I loose another one or two terminators. One typhoon comes in on far left flank. It and Deathwing decide to ignore the boyz and focus all fire on lootaz reducing them from 20 to seven or eight.

Turn 3. Snikrot and the Green Baron arrive. Green Baron kills my typhoon. Snikrot jumps in between the charging ork line and my guys, and then after some more relatively ineffectual shooting charges him along with warboss and commandos, and 20 stormboyz into two terminator squads composed of seven men. Amazingly I win combat. After taking only a single casualty, the other six terminators have hammer time, and kill around 10 orks. The commandos are devastated, leaving snikrot, warboss, and just a few commandos, but the storm boys stay in combat. On my turn, two unengaged terminator squads charge snikrot, warboss and fleeing commandos, who fail their regroup test, and are wiped out. Belial and Co. charge 30-man boyz squad, they do a lot of damage, but remain in combat.

Turn 4. Truck comes in with 'Ard Boyz and heads to his objective. Lootas kill the other typhoon. He backs up a few inches with everyone, but charges three Kans and dred at two enengaged terminator squads (if he didn't charge me, I was going to charge him). Dred dies, and two of three kans are hammered. Storm boyz are wiped out. Enengaged terminators move up, and Belial and friends finish off the 30-man squad. Assault cannon speeder continues hammering lootas, killing a few more.

Turn 5. He shoots, but it is much less effective. I run forward toward the objective.

Turn 6. I charge his kans in front of the objective, killing some (or all, can't remember), but not enough to make a difference. I can't push them off the objective in time. He holds one and is disputing the other for a solid win.

Analysis. It was a fun game, but went as expected. I should have charged right away. I could have been there turn one, and It would have been a lot more effective in the end. Based on the composition of his army I could probably have pulled out a tie, but there is no way I could have won. I also could have Deathwing assaulted one squad to get them in his backfield, and cause havoc and maybe even contest that objective.

I think I overestimated the individual potency of ork units, but his army as a whole functioned about as I  expected. It was a fun test of my army against hordes, but I think that I will have to expect a loss against orks if I am paired with them at the NOVA open.

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