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Friday, September 16, 2011

List Mania! Dark Angels and Dark Eldar

In a later post I'm going to describe the list I plan on running for the Da Boyz GT in Rochester, NY in October. Until then I wanted to spend a few minutes presenting lists I plan on running later on. These are basically lists that I need to buy things for, and so am putting off for the near term (until I find a job).

[These are both 2000 point lists. That has become the de facto standard around these parts. I now prefer 1500 or 2000 point games, and generally avoid 1750/1850.]

First the familiar: Dark Angels

There are actually a few strengths left for Greenwing Dark Angels; they can take a special weapon in five man tac squads, they can take awesomely cheap landspeeder typhoons, and your terminator hammer-unit can be scoring.

To that end I whipped up this MSU style list that I think would be pretty fun to play:

Belial (thunder hammer/storm shield)

Upgraded Deathwing Squad (apothecary, standard banner, cyclone missile launcher, 5x thunder hammer/storm shield

(5x) 5-man tac squad (flamer, sergeant w/melta bombs, razorback with twin linked lascannon)

(3x) Landspeeder Typhoon (missiles and multi melta)
Landraider Crusader (extra armor)

(2x) Predator (autocannon/heavy bolter sponsons)

Lots of vehicles lots of twin linked lascannon shots, lots of flamers, and some good direct fire anti-infrantry/light transport shooting from the Predators. The terminators are scoring, so it also makes the hammer-unit a great objective holder. Pretty straight forward. I think for this list I only need a single razorback, a few more flamer marines and a few plain sergeants.

Now for the foreign: Dark Eldar

I've been planning this one for a while, before I new anything about Dash of Pepper's list. I saw the Venom's, Incubi, and Reaver jetbikes, loved them all, so I'm going to make an army of them.

(2x) Archon (ghostplate armor, blast pistol, haywire grenades, shadow field, huskblade)

(2x) 6-man Incubus squad (klaivex, blood stone, onslaught, raider with dark lance and flicker field)

(6x) 5-man warrior squad (blaster, venom with 2x splinter cannon)

(3x) 6-man reaver jetbike squad (Arena champion, 2x heatlance)

Lots of little fast targets flying around. Two solid close-combat units with the Archon/Incubi combo, a mass of fast and flexible troops, and jetbikes for anti-mech. This list has a lot of stuff, but none of it is particularly tough. All those buzzing vehicles could be swatted down in a good round of shooting, so it might be a bit of a challenge to play well against skilled opponents. Should be fun either way.

I considered taking some more expensive HQs--Vect, Lady Malys, or even Lelith--but for now I think I'll plan on using the above, and adjust the list if necessary. This list requires the purchase of... pretty much everything but some troops. More of a long-term project at this point.

A post on the Codex Marine list I plan on running at Da Boyz GT is in the pipe, stay tuned.


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