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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thine arms shall be forged in resin

I've been putting it off for but the time has finally come to delve into the dark art of resin casting.

Like many other Grey Knights players I've seen the merit of the Rifleman Dreadnought but I was really not enthused by the look of the Aegis Defense line Autocannons as arms. What better opportunity to experiment with resin casting. I already scratchbuild all the time so I knew I could make some decent looking arms, I also left out all GW bits and made them entirely from plasticard. This way I have a 100% original bit (in case I ever want to sell a few on the side). I should also mention I'm not looking to start a model business I really just wanted the requisite Dreadnought arms for my own army.

Here are the originals that I'll be making a mold of. I've always liked the Reaper style autocannons, and Forgeworld does a great AC arm so I took a look at what I liked about both of them and tried to get as much as I could into mine without having to work all that hard.

Unfortunately this is just the beginning of the process but barring some terrible disaster I should have a pair of new resin arms by the end of the week. I'll post again with my first time casting experience once I've figured out what not to do.

Finally the recipients of the arm transplants with some shiny new bases and dull flat paint jobs.


  1. I look forward to buying some of those from you.

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  3. I think we got spammed!? ...and you can have a set of arms when I cast them. I'm sure I'll be looking to show of my handywork assuming it's handy.

  4. Yeah those arms look great. I'd be really interested in a how-to write up. I've got one of the big smooth-on kits but I'm still too chicken to break it out.

  5. So far I realized my mold is crap and I have some practicing to do but I'm hoping to have a few arms cast by Christmas time. I've definitely realized a few tactical blunders I made along the way but I'll follow this with a write up once I've got a solid finished product.