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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Damn Dirty Scots

I have a confession to make.  I've seen Braveheart a lot.  At least half a dozen times, and all in the theater.  It's not my fault really.  The first time I went with a friend, but it was a packed theater and the stranger who sat on the other side of me decided she should eat a skunk wrapped in poo before going to the movies.  Then, every time something gruesome would happen on screen she would say, "ohhh my god.  That was aaawwwfuuuul."  I passed out from the toxic fumes.

So I went again with other friends, and the projector broke.  I shit you not.  We got refunds and had to go a 3rd time.  Then I went to college and met all new people who had never seen Braveheart before.  I went every time a couple of them went.

Seeing Braveheart that many times, it changes you...  Men in blue face paint showing their butts and slashing their enemies with a sword...  It's a little like going to a Giants football game.  Seriously I am not surprised Mel Gibson is running around drunk, making horrible comments about Jewish people.

Anyway, in honor of how I am now warped I've decided to model one of my Space Wolves after the old guy in Braveheart who gets his hand chopped off, Campbell.

 The head and chest come from the left over bits in the Thunderwolves set.  That is an awesome set, by the way, with a lot of extra weapons, arms, heads and chests.  I like these chests for my grey hunters because they're a little more barrel chested than a normal space marines.  Above is a quick shot taken after the base coat was applied.
 I have no idea where the big ass sword came from.  It was in my bits box.  However, I think it would be mighty hard to reload a bolt gun with one hand, so I picture this guy ditching the gun and drawing the sword when the ammo runs out. (I told you man, seeing Braveheart that often messes you up).

 A couple of shots taken mid paint job
And the final result.

I also put a coat of paint on one of my Ariadna Infinity models.  I'm not sure how I like the kilt, and any advice on making it better is appreciated!


  1. The sheathed sword looks like the one from the Chaos Warriors sprue.

    It might not be; but it looks like it.

    I can imagine the puns he get's:

    "can I lend a hand"
    "needs a heavy handed approach"
    "many hands make light work"

    You think you're warped!

  2. I've got to hand it to you,, :) it's an economical way to avoid buying a pack for the hands/weapon bits.
    bark bark.