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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Perfect Storm: Part III Choosing a color scheme

Unlike many of the other races in the 40k universe Tau do not have a fixed armor color scheme by sept. Instead each sept has different colored markings which you can see on the below picture of GW's painted Tau firewarriors -

These firewarriors are from the Tau sept and it is the white markings on the shoulderpads and guns that tell you. The rest of the armor is painted based on the camouflage scheme of the theater in which the force is engaged. Here the Tau have gone for a desert scheme.

I am now in the process of trying to determine what makes the most sense for my Tau army. I still have not decided on a sept but I am sure I can find a fluff background and marking that works once I have decided on the armor color. Where I am stuck is the armor color and therefore am asking for your help.

Here are my current three top themes. Please let me know your thoughts or even a whole new theme...

1. As most of the units have some aquatic theme I thought I would start there, and I think that the leopard sharks natural coloration would make for an excellent color scheme. My only concern is that grey is well grey and tends to blend into many city boards. While that is practical as an urban camouflage, it is less exciting for a game of toy soldiers...

2. Next up we have the race car inspired, white with stripes. This makes for a very attractive battlesuit and infantry color scheme, but does not allow for the same camouflage opportunities on the vehicles.

3. Finally we return to mother nature for a variety of lizard inspired earth tones.

So what do you think?


  1. personally, I think the shark is a good starting point. If you feel that grey is boring though, why not go for something more like the poison dart frog? Those are some colorful animals!

  2. Boring is now what I was trying to convey, stupid wording. What I meant to say was that on a table where most ruins/cityscapes are painted grey having models that are also grey doesn't make for an exciting picture/experience.

    Poison dart frog by the way was a great call.

  3. I like the aquatic theme. which is in line with the tau nicknaming of vehicles. The shark print with some different colors besides greys would look awesome. Someone with some photoshop chops should produce some pics.