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Monday, January 20, 2014

Space Marine Librarian

I've been off the painting wagon for a while, but now that I'm fully moved into my new digs, and I have my hobby desk fully set up, it's time to start putting in some work.

One of my many outstanding tasks was to complete the Space Marine Librarian I picked up when the new codex came out. I put a solid few hours into him during a painting day at Gunzhard's Attic Wars mega man-cave (not to be confused with the gay porn of the same title). Since then he's languished in a box, waiting patiently for me to get my shit together.

First of all, the new plastic librarian kit is tits. I know, it comes with a weird, creepy diaper-less robo-baby sidekick. I'm not sure what the deal with that thing is. It's still sitting in my bits box if some registered sex offender/gamer has a pedo-mechanicus army they want to kit bash together (I may beat you up before I give you the bit, FYI). Aside from that, the model has fantastic detail, and is in a cool pose. It is clearly intended for use as a potential Tigurius stand-in for anyone who doesn't already have that model. The old version is showing its age, in my opinion the new one is far superior.

I tried two experiments with this dude: (1.) using Caliban Green as the base for the blue librarian armor, and (2.) creating a glowing skull on his force weapon that uses object source lighting (OSL).

The green base for the armor looks great. In the past I used reds or just black as to create a shadow that contrasted with the blues that make up the rest of the armor. I think the green works a little bit better, and ties him in with the scheme for the rest of my marines--although my army is painted as Dark Angels I've use the Space Marine Codex since I started with the army back in the beginning of 5th edition (except for a short period after the new 'dex came out, before I figured out that it is a total piece of dog shit).

I'm pleased with his force weapon as well. The glowing effect is one I've wanted to try for some time. On the skull I blended pure white, to ice blue, fenris gray, and finally black. It took a bit of back and forth to get the effect I wanted, but that is usually the case with wet blending. The glow itself is pure white. I may expand it a but further down the weapon shaft and onto his armor.


  1. Looking awesome dude, that blue is so fricken smooth.....

  2. Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out.