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Friday, February 21, 2014

Dreamforge Leviathan painting - part 1

I got in on the kickstarter a while back and have had this sucker sitting around unpainted for ages. With the release of GW's Escalation I've been lucky enough to put my Leviathan on the table as a Warhound Titan, and now I've got the Apocalypse bug to boot so I figured its time to get some paint on him.

I know Forge World purists will argue the reasons why this model isn't acceptable as a Warhound. My gaming group, however is open minded and would rather have me use the model than not, so he's been drafted into the ranks of the Grey Knights. Their access to superior technology is reason for his slightly smaller stature...same punch, smaller size.

Here are a few shots of the base colors I've got him. The base Grey is Vallejo Blue-Grey, that's been shaded with a concoction GW Abandon black P3 Sanguine Base an GW incubi darkness. The highlight color is GW Rakarth Flesh mixed with a little Vallejo Blue-Grey. The green shoulder pad is going to match up with the way I've painted my Strike Squads, and I'll add some personal heraldry on both shoulders and a knee at the very minimum. The green basecoat was done with Vallejo Gunship Green, shaded with GW Incubi Darkness, and highlighted with a Vallejo green, whose name I can't recall, that's a pretty close match for the old GW Scorpion Green. I'll be working on this model a lot over the next few weeks trying to get him done before I inevitably lose steam.


  1. Looking awesome dude! ...I'm building some large guns to take it down however.

    1. I dunno, history has shown that under my masterful generalship this guy is un-killable (in two games that I lost).