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Friday, August 21, 2015

Lion's Blade Battle Company - Part II

Did some more work on the Lion's Blade Battle Company tonight. I built the final rhino, and used the Citadel Caliban Green spray can to coat most of the brand new or unfinished old marines (except for a few of the robe wearers; they're still primer white), the two new rhinos, and the two old razorbacks (converted from seldom used predators).

For anyone who's curious, the list is: 

Dark Angels - 1850 Points - Lion's Blade Detachment

Demi-Company I

  • Captain w/combi-grav and auspex
  • Command Squad w/apothecary, sacred standard, 4 grav guns, and drop pod w/deathwind launcher (because deathwind's are awesome -- don't let anyone tell you otherwise)
  • Assault Squad (5-man) w/2 flamers, combi-flamer sgt., and drop pod w/deathwind launcher (still awesome)
  • (3x)Tactical Squad (5-man) w/combi-melta sgt., meltagun, and rhino
  • Devastator Squad (5-man) w/4 missile launchers, and a razorback w/a TL heavy bolter

Demi-Company II

  • Chaplain w/jump pack
  • Assault Squad (10-man) w/jump packs
  • (3x)Tactical Squad (5-man) w/grav-cannon, and rhino
  • Devastator Squad (5-man) w/4 missile launchers, and a razorback w/a TL heavy bolter


  • Ravenwing Support Squadron w/3 Typhoons w/heavy bolters, and Dark Shroud w/heavy bolter

Army-wide special rules for this formation are: stubborn (from the DA ability Grim Resolve), objective secured on everything (from the Lion's Blade formation), and full BS overwatch on all models with Grim Resolve (basically infantry models -- this is from having a battle company within the Lion's Blade). Also, all the transports were free, although I did have to pay for upgrades (awesome deathwind launchers).

The command squad gets relentless from their sacred standard, so they are always firing their grav guns at the full 18" range, and 3 shot rate of fire. The banner also gives counter attack to the command squad, and has a 12" bubble of re-rollable failed morale, pinning, and fear checks. These guys will be great to drop next to a badass assaulty (but not shooty) unit with even a mediocre armor save.

The Ravenwing support squadron has some special rules of its own: interceptor and strafing run (from the Ravenwing Support Squadron formation), re-rollable jink saves (Ravenwing models with Grim Resolve get this). The Dark Shroud has shrouded, which is passed on to the rest of the support squadron (because they share special rules like any unit), and it gives stealth and fear to units within 6". It cannot receive the benefit of this stealth bubble, but the Typhoons in the same squadron can, so they will obviously be staying out front. In addition, units within 6" of the Dark Shroud can't fire overwatch when assaulted. Pretty solid.

Some stats:
  • 62 marines, 6 rhinos, 2 razorbacks, 2 drop pods, 4 speeders
  • grav shots: 33 max (21 min -- after combi's are fired, or when grav-cannons move)
  • melta shots : 6 max (3 min -- after combi's are fired)
  • missiles: 14 (frag or krak)
  • heavy bolter shots: 18
Potential flaws: 
  • No AA - just lots of missile and grav shots. Lets hope what's there is enough.
  • No psychic powers or psychic defense.
  • MSU. I will always lose kill point missions.
Not sure about: 
  • The jump pack assault marines and chaplain. I feel like they will be useful, even if it's only because people underestimate them. I think having objective secured, the ability to deep strike and combat squad, and fast movement, will make them useful. They do put out 34 re-rollable hits the first round of close combat. Not too shabby.
I'm hoping "quantity over quality" will prove to be a sound strategy... or at least make for some fun games.


  1. Quite an impressive force!

    One thing I would HIGHLY recommend is getting some points in there for melta bombs on all the sarg's. That gives you some answer if something big gets in there to tie up a squad. When I played in the charity nova BBQ, i ran vs a double cent pod list, and I would have rolled him (with ork walkers), had he not had melta every...single....squad. It's a paltry amount of points (5 i think). Well worth it!

    1. Yeah, the lack of upgrades like melta bombs and dozer blades is one thing that has been hard to get over. This list is so lean I had to pass on a few things that I normally wouldn't leave home without. I'm going to try this out at a local NOVA prep tourney this weekend, and I'll see how it goes. I may have to make some changes after that.