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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chaplain Fever

In an attempt to positively influence my dice rolling, I'm making a concerted effort to have a more fully painted army (I think we all know that the efficacy of dice rolling is DIRECTLY related to the amount and quality of paint that covers an army).

In our Planetary Empires campaign at Endgame we are required to use one special or unique character; bereft of my precious 100 point librarian, I have shifted over to the 125 point Chaplain Cassius.  I didn't have a Cassius model, so I've been subbing in my ol' faithfull libby.

Big mistake.

Apparently I offended the Model Spirit of my libby, and possibly the unformed Spirit of Cassius, as a result I was rewarded with even more amazingly unfortunate dice rolling.  It got to the point that I started to think I could not take blast weapons anymore, because they would NEVER hit.  Never.  What was I to do?

In a last ditch effort I decided to do the unthinkable, the thing I should have done all along: build a Cassius miniature.

I used a servo-skull for his head, the aquila that topped one of my standards for his Crozius Arcanum, and a Dark Angels Mechanicus shoulder pad with all the geary bits filled off.  His combi-flamer is a straightforward conversion using the front of a flamer  (I am particularly fond of the highlighting on its red shroud--I'm not sure how well it shows up in the pics).

I used very little zenithal highlighting on this guy, as it does not work well with blacks, there wasn't enough exposed green in the shoulder pads for it to really be noticeable, and because I wanted to get him done in one day (granted, a very long day).  The black parts of his armor are highlighted on the hard edges using three (quick) layers: the first is a big fat highlight of 50/50 black and adeptus battlegray, follwed by a more delicate coat of straight adeptus battlegray, finished with a very fine highlight of codex gray.

Hopefully this newly minted Cassius will inspire some improved dice rolling on my part, who knows he might even find his way into my regular list rotation.

Now on to some vehicles...


  1. Fucking balls to the wall! I love him! Guess who got the Dark Eldar codex today....

  2. Yeah, I'm buying that bitch too. No new armies for me though, not 'till I finish the perfectly good one I've already started.

  3. Came out real nice! Never thought that a servoskull head would fit, silly me.

  4. I do think the skull is just a tad small, but you barely notice it with the iron halo thingy. I thought about buffing it up with greenstuff, or chopping up a helmet, and trying to mush the two together somehow, but was reminded by the sprawling crowd of unpainted miniatures covering my desk that simplicity can be a virtue.

  5. I have an awesome head you can use for another try of you wish