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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Grey Knights as an all-comers army

I've been trying lately to build a Grey Knights list that's really representative of the theme of the army. I've also been reading some of the tips in the codex from the game designers and I'm really impressed with how well the army plays when it's built with their intentions in mind. I'm not trying to make it out like I have a hard time enjoying games because my codex is underpowered or anything like like that, but I think the GK codex is much more balanced and well thought out than it gets credit for.

Often times when perusing internet forums the Grey Knights lists that I come across seem to just pick the best unit (or group of units) out of the codex and take as many times as one can fit into the allotted points. This is really unfortunate for all codices not just Grey Knights, because it doesn't show what the army is capable of and it's also a chore to play against. I like the "Psyflemen" Dreadnought as much as the next guy, I mean come on, it's tough to stop with the psychic pilot and it's great at opening up transports but why take 6 of them? There are a ton of equally powerful units that don't have the stink of douche on them. Anyway on to my list.

This is meant to be my flexible all-comers style list at 1850 (and maybe later trimmed down to 1750) points. I'm using Draigo for my HQ because, simply, he's awesome. I used a Librarian for my HQ almost exclusively since the release of the codex so I really want to try out using an elite spearhead unit, what better way to do that than to put Draigo in a Stormraven with an entourage of Paladins. They get in fast and try to wreck house, then hold an objective. If the Stormraven doesn't get blown up, great, it can fly away and be a gunship for the rest of the game. I like to run it with the multi-melta and assault cannons so it's brutal at 24 inches and can take advantage of machine spirit with the melta to wreck vehicles. To fill out my troops I take two 6 man Strike squads in Psybolt Razorbacks, I give the Justicars hammers and take a psycannon. These guys are surprisingly good and I often find my opponents not taking them as seriously as perhaps they should.

Now that I have three troops choices with some decent shooting I wanted to try using some of the other infantry units. I've got a squad of 7 Interceptors with psycannon and psybolt ammo and the Justicar has a hammer. I like to use these guys as really dangerous harassing unit. I'm still getting used to how best to play jump infantry but so far I've really liked having them around. They're shunt move can be game changing and they're great to move around behind cover and use they're potent shooting. I wanted to play with Purifiers too, but more as a small slice of the there tough-as-nails order. I put 5 of them into a rhino and use their FREE incinerator upgrade on two models I give the Knight of the Flame a Halberd as well as one of the other troops, and the last guy gets a hammer. This gives me an opportunity to play with wound allocation shenanigans but primarily these guys are a suicide unit who are going to drive up and flame then assault greater numbers. They're just really fun to use and often times feel like a wild card. The incinerator is awesome but under-used due to it's more well rounded cousin, the psycannon being so cheap, nonetheless it's a nice change of pace and great to have on hand for when I have to play against Orks or Tyranids.

Finally I've got the Dreadnoughts, ugh, I know. I only take 2 and think any more would be misallocating points and losing important boots on the ground. They're the new Longfangs in terms of the unanimous internet hate but it's hard to argue with their quality and quantity of fire. To be fair these Dreads are a good combo in the Standard Marine Codex too, they just get a huge boost in the GK book with Fortitude and Strength 8 Autocannons.

So now I just need to learn how to use these unit in unison to achieve greater potential than any one of them has on it's own. I'm confident that with practice this will be a good list, fit for a tournament, and now it feels like the swiss army knife, elite marine army that it's supposed to be.

On to my latest hobby progress: The Stormraven Gunship...

This is pre paint and post magnetizing. I used a lot of magnets to make it flexible for the long haul since I only want to have to have on of these.

Here are a few shots immediately following the basic paint job. The highlights will be a little more toned down once it gets a dose of Testors Dullcote.

Finally here are some bits on their own. I left the glass out of the cockpit and turret until all the painting is done.

I've got lots left on my desk so I'd better get painting.

1 comment:

  1. Nice post. I agree with your ideas. I do not believe that a well rounded force is inferior to spam. Best of luck with it. I look forward to hearing how the playtesting goes.