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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dark Angels Codex Dark Angels

I have played "Greenwing" Dark Angels for the past two years or so, and have generally shunned my chapter's out-of-date codex in favor of the standard Space Marines book. Lately I've been using a Vulkan based list, and I will stand by my earlier assertion that for a number of reasons Vulkan is the best HQ in the game, and as a result of what he does, that type of list is one of the most versatile.

There's a problem though: I don't really like it anymore.

I'm kind of bored with marines, but more than that I really want to play Dark Angels. Real Dark Angels. Dark Angels codex Dark Angels.

I've tried this a few times, but in the end it turns out that the same, or a similar list, works better with the Space Marines codex. This trial and error, however has led me to a list that takes advantages of some of the remaining strengths in the codex, while avoiding its (greater number of) weaknesses.

At 2000 points it reads something like this:


  • Azrael
  • Interrogator Chaplain (power armor, combi-flamer)
  • Command Squad
    • Apothecary (meltagun)
    • Champion (power weapon, bolt pistol)
    • Standard Bearer (meltagun)
    • Marine (power weapon, plasma pistol)
    • Marine (power fist, plasma pistol)
    • Rhino (extra armor)
  • Dreadnaught (plasma cannon)
  • 2x Tactical Squad
    • Sergeant (powerfist)
    • 9x Marines (7x bolter, flamer, plasma cannon)
    • Rhino (extra armor)
  • Tactical Squad
    • Sergeant (powerfist)
    • 9x Marines (7x bolter, meltagun, multi-melta)
    • Rhino (extra armor)
  • 3x Landspeeder Typhoon (typhoon missile launcher, mult-melta)
  • 2x Predator (twin linked lascannon turret, heavy bolter sponsons)
A similar list, built with the Space Marines codex, using Cato Sicarius and Chaplain Cassius as HQs costs almost the same; the command squad is more expensive, but some other stuff is less so.

Here's why I like the Dark Angels variant: 

HQs: I love Azrael. He is a fucking badass, and I don't care at all that he has WS 5 instead of the standard marine captain/chapter master 6. He's eternal warrior, four wounds, gives the entire squad a 4+ invulnerable save, and has seven S 6 attacks on the charge (4 base, +1 for additional close  combat weapon since is sword is not actually a relic blade, +1 for charge, and +1 for the chapter banner). The Interrogator-Chaplain is three wounds, three attacks, and I 5; a first rate secondary HQ who provides re-rolls to hit when charging.

Command Squad: Two power weapons, one power fist, two plasma pistols, two melta guns, chapter banner, and feel no pain. 

Dark Angels: It is a genuine Dark Angels list.

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