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Thursday, June 14, 2012

WIP: Grey Knight Librarian

To follow on the heels of the Dr. Ew's Archon, I've got some shots of my favorite HQ unit from the Grey Knights codex. I love the flexibility of the Librarians (in all marine codex's) and I especially love the synergy he provides to a Grey Knights force.

So without further ado...

I loved the pose of the classic Terminator Librarian from GW but I preferred the style of the Grey Knight Terminators so I tried to mimic the pose that was so interesting to me.

(image property of Games Workshop)

Since he's just a composite of Grey Knight parts I wanted to add a little classic Librarian iconography to make look the part a bit more. I followed a tutorial Ron posted on From The Warp a while back and after a few trial runs on the side of an old Leman Russ I had a pretty successful result.

I also tried to add some gold touches to the Stormbolter to make it look like his wargear is a little more embellished than the rest of his battle brothers.

You can see his book of Secrets he keeps on fanny pack, and the skull of a daemon that he's attached to his shoulder since he's a show-off.

Finally, here are a few shots of the current progress on his force weapons. So far I've only begun work on the halberd since that's how I normally run him on the table, but I have a warding stave that's in progress too. I put a small magnet in his wrist on the arm as well as in each of these to weapon hands. The piece of brass rod prevents the hands from falling off if he gets bumped in the course of moving him around the table top.

(Sorry some of these are so blurry, I used my phone)

I've got some more details to finish up on him but I'm really happy with how he's coming along. Now just the small task of painting 20 more terminators and 40 more marines and I'll be close to done.


  1. I just used the GK powered armor box to make a librarian for my astral claws. He's still very work in progress, but this is the pose i chose:

  2. The bits in the new Grey Knights boxes are really hard to resist, I like the addition of the book in his hand.