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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Army of the Future

(One of the many nice looking armies encountered at the NOVA Open)

I attended the NOVA open recently as a spectator and I learned a few things I hadn't figured out about tournaments yet. First, the theme of most of the armies that are successful in a highly competitive atmosphere like the NOVA is simply 'Winning'. Second, I care more about a good theme and background for my army than winning. That being said, even if I abandoned the 'fluff' behind my arguably powerful Grey Knights army, and built a list to win I'd probably still come in at the bottom tier (I was in the meat of the bottom quarter at the NOVA last year).

What does this mean for the future of my armies? I'll be trying to build a successful tournament army, it will have redundancy, firepower and most of all it will fit in with the style of army lists that seem so popular at tournaments since the addition of fliers. It will be called 'Operation Douche' and will be an IG forced focusing on getting the maximum amount of Conscripts on the board and choking up my opponents with corpses. We'll see if I can keep up the steam to get it ready for the NOVA next year.

The more imminent focus however will be an Inquisitorial Task Force from the Grey Knights codex with an allied contingent of Adeptus Arbites (who will be played by Space Marine Scouts).  I've always wanted an Arbites army ever since I first saw the 2nd ed models and with the recent release of Maxmini's 'Space Police Helmets' I decided the finally take the plunge.

I've begun work on my Judge Dredd look alike who will be a counts as Chaplain Cassius, and he'll soon be followed by about 20 scouts of various types and maybe an Adeptus Mechanicus Thunderfire cannon as well.

Seeing him blown up this large makes me see how much of a hack job I did with the greenstuff. I'm going to have to do a lot of cleanup.

I hope to bring this army to Adepticon for the 40k friendly this year so I'll be trying to use blog posts as a motivator to keep my momentum going to get this assembled by about February.


  1. I really like the Dredd nature of the model. At first I was kind of meh, but as I looked at the blown up version, I became more "wow, this is cool!"

  2. Thanks, I think I'm going to have more Dredd than Arbites for these guys now. I need to get better with greenstuff to make these conversions look better.

  3. hello! The conversion looks great, though I do not look forward to getting crushed by you IG army.

    Also, someone has to show me how you load photos so that I don't load the giant ones like I did in my first post!