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Sunday, September 16, 2012


I'm always fascinated by everyone's different hobby set-up, thought it was time to share mine...

 This is my current pile... Slowly going through and magnetizing all of my old models as well as building more crisis suits. Really want to run a Farsight bomb with lots more crisis suits in one of our apocalypse games. Also picked up a few resin pieces from Paulson games. Very nice sculpts, but a lot more flash than I get from ForgeWorld...

Paints, tools and lots more models that I need to convert/clean...

 One of the crisis suits I am working on. Cut the leg and arm to try and create more motion, although need to shift the torso a bit more to complete the effect. Also as I look at the pic definitely need to clean up the greenstuff on the arm and smooth out the burst cannon.

 This is where I store the stuff. Open space is where the paints and tools and stuff go. You can also see more of my "need to be worked on stuff here as well." The Falcon is not hovering, it is placed on top of three mostly assembled rhinos. Bottom left are the codices I play with most often, my White Dwarf collection and Forge World books. Bottom right are my bitz boxes.

Finally the shelf where I keep unopened kits, less often used codices, the fantasy books I really need to get around to selling, and my big box of sprues that need to get built.

Not pictured are my models which are all handily packed in foam and stacked in another large closet.

Have pics of your work spaces? Please share!


  1. Looks like a nice setup with good storage space to boot. Funny, my last post was one showing my own workspace after I freshly laid down new flooring. Feel free to take a look.

  2. Ha! I'm in the process of finding a futon or sleeper for the room for all the same reasons you have one. Really like how the FW etching turned out on your speeder!

  3. I'm so very curious about the resin greebly bits on your workspace. Would you kindly enlighten?

    I once had a project going to cast extra detail bits to bump the detail level on my Tigersharks & Barracudas to match the rest of the army, and or a modern Bandai model kit. (I was raised on Bandai & Volks garage kits...)

    I'm still in the process of moving across the country; my Tau are going to be shipped as soon as I finish starting a work space. But thankfully, I can have my own work space to myself and don't have to share it with Necrons and Blood Angels. (My Dark Angels army hasn't changed much since Rogue Trader)