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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Army of the Future part 3

In a previous post I had talked about an inquisitorial army I intend to build along with an Adeptus Arbites contingent. Well, I've begun the HQ as seen in this post, and thanks to some Instant Mold now I've got the troops started too.

If you've never heard of instant mold, let me just sing it's praises for a minute. Its a rubbery plastic materials that you drop in hot water to transform into a malleable putty. You can then use it to make press molds like a lot of people do with greenstuff. It's permanently reusable and nothing sticks to it so its great for making your own greenstuff bits. I used it to make casts of some old Adeptus Arbites models I had. 

I'm really just making casts of the shoulder pads so I can convert my own Arbites with the help of some Maxmini Space Police heads. They look a little different from classic Arbites but they're great for my Judge Dredd inspired sensibilities.

I'm going to be fielding them as marine scouts that will be allies to a larger Inquisition Army. I haven't settled on a final list yet but there will be 20 Arbites in total, at least 5 of whom will be snipers, with Chaplain Cassius (playing the role of Judge Dredd) as their leader. I may also include an Adeptus Mechanicus thunderfire cannon as well to provide some much needed long range be firepower. I'm thinking of building a Arbites style bastion too. They'll be backed up by 2 or more Inquisitorial retinues loaded with hellguns, meltas, plasma, some crusaders and a few Jokaero! 

I hope to have these guys all built and "greenstuffed"in the next week or two so hopefully they'll get some airbrush face time along with the 20ish stormtroopers that are waiting for paint.


  1. It would make a great Necromunda army too!

  2. I'm actually planning on it making a great Necromunda army! Playing Infinity has primed my interest in doing some skirmish games.