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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Citadel Woods ready for the Battle Field

After being so productive, and completing the Arcane Ruins I posted about a few days ago, I decided to keep true to my word and get the Citadel wood completed. This was in base-coated in the same manner as the arcane ruins, a earth colored brown Krylon spray paint that's very comparable to GW Steel Legion Drab.   I airbrushed on some GW Charadon Granite as shading then some GW Snakebite leather mixed with a little GW Charadon Granite. The trees were painted with GW Rhinox Hide then got a little bit of the Snakebite Leather mixture for hightlights. Then I Drybrushed the whole thing with a pair of the GW Dry paints whose names I don't recall, and finished with a bunch of spots of various Woodland Scenics turf. 

The trees are bare right now because I was completely underwhelmed with how poorly the plastic leaf pieces from the kit failed to stay attached and I've decided to make a mixture of various basing turfs to add some spotty foliage for them. I think it'll be faster, and make them easier to game on, but also the plastic leaves just kept falling off and made the trees difficult to handle. Now that the paint job is done I need to pick up another color or two of turf and get these guys completely done.


  1. Holy crap, Mark! You are getting stuff done in 2014! Looks awesome.

  2. Thanks, I'm really trying to stay motivated and get some old projects done. Looking forward to the next time we can use some of this stuff together.

  3. Wow another great piece - between our last game and your work here I am starting to get motivated on my terrain too!